“Got Me Open” (Freaky Friday)

Wait till I get home
You better be ready
Especially with them
Red bottoms on,
Oh you got some nerve,
To take a selfie
With ya ass cheeks showing,
Just know I’m going be
Swimming in your ocean,
This paddle stick about
To be in motion, while
Your river flowing,
My mouth is wide open
Those thighs is provoking,
My hand around your neck
I know you like the choking,
The ass slapping,
Them deep long strokes
In… Ya body is calling me,
I must’ve had a R. Kelly
Moment, Finally realized
Why you laying on the floor,
Because this morning before
I left, the sheets was soaking,
Headboard was broken,
Damn girl them red bottoms,
That lingerie, & that ass,
Got me open!


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