“Garvey On Love”

Marcus Garvey on Love
Never fall in love to the point of losing control of yourself. If you do, you will become somebody else’s slave and that experience will surely take advantage of you and cause you to lose your best character.
Never love anybody for companionship, unless that person has the majority of qualities that you like and appreciate. Never love a person more for his or her physical appearance or personality. First investigate the character, disposition, temperament, behaviour and thought of the person. And when you find in that person, along with good physical appearance such as you like, all the qualities or as many of them as possible that would tend to satisfy you and make you happy through a lifetime, then love that person.
When you love one for the qualities you think that person possesses and those qualities are not fully developed, help that person to develop them for your own happiness. It is better to wait to find the person with the majority of the qualities you like, than to rush into loving for a minimum of those qualities. As soon as you get over your passion, you will still be searching for those other qualities, and since that person does not have them, you will seek them elsewhere and break up your happiness.
Never love anyone better than yourself…because you are responsible to God for yourself. Only love God better than yourself.


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