“Freaky Friday”

I ate that pussy
Like it was cereal
I tilted my head back
& put that clit in my mouth
As I’m licking profusely
& drank her juices
Like it was milk
In my bowl…
My tongue is the spoon
I need seconds
Don’t fight it now….

I’m on seconds
Don’t fight it now
As she turned over
She rode my face
Her cream is on my lips
As it drips onto my goatee
I swirled my tongue
Her legs is shaking
She’s trying to run
Bring that ass back
As I’m waiting for her
To drench me
Better yet drown me
Damn you taste so good
Licking & kissing on them thighs
Fingering her in her ass,
As my tongue is moving from
her clit to her pussy
Cum for daddy right now baby
Don’t be late
Seconds was great!

      Written By KingBty In 2016


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