“Eye Miss”

Eye miss my grandpa,

And eye know sooner or later

Eye will miss my grandma,

And eye will miss my mom,

Different levels,

Different devils

Eye will face,

Looking in the mirror,

Wiping it off 

It can’t get any clearer,

Death people fear,

Eye miss my uncle,

And eye miss my family

From eye don’t hear,

Eye wish eye can get those deys back,

But some people foul

No shaq,

Family is everything,

Since eye been awake 

Eye know the meaning of that,

No moor sleeping,

No moor teething…

For my sun,

Eye will teach him everything 

Under and over the sun,

And let him know 

Nothing is new,

Is the sky really blue?

Is the illusion true?


Another life awaits us,

At no cost,

Different dimensions,

But in this dimension,

They got us thinking

Do your 25 for ur social

And your pension, 

To sum it up

Eye miss my ancestors.

Written By Kingbty EL

They paid the way

They pave the way

Moorish science is the way

You gotta listen to me

For once 

Well maybe twice 

Look it up 

See how your ancestors 

Wrote your life 

No bible


is all tribes

We the good guys

Way before the chuckie doll

Europeans don’t have

Nothing on us 


Is all we need 

To succeed 

From the prophet

Noble drew Ali 

  • Derek B Greene
    October 30, 2018

    TRUST in yourself is truly all we NEED..


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