“Natural Law”

100% natural law

Is what eye am striving four,

But 5 always protecting the Corp,

Or ration your check,

Get played like a toy

If you wanna

But that’s the norm to them folks,

Eye want different courses 

That’s why eye got different forks,

Eye use to wear silver 

But my ancestors said get ya gold,

Story is still written 

Yet to be told,

Once upon a time 

Eye used to be blind

Without the blindfold,

Religion divided us like

Like dividers on the road,

Stay in yo lane,

Eye stay in them books

This prodigy really got 

Certain ones shook,

Eye am Universal,

Eye am moor,

Then whatever their looking for,

100% natural law,

Is what eye am striving for,

Eye stay on my square,

Fez on my head,


Stay within you

Don’t keep up with me,

Difference between us

Eye am infinite,

Until you realize that 

It’s really no secrets.

Written By Kingbty EL


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