“Benefit From You”

Ain’t nothing perfect,
Ain’t nothing new under the sun,
Everything been here for
Us to see,
Only if your eyes wanna see it,
The system is corrupted,
So is this corporation
So is your job
So is health care,
They don’t care,
Kept you quiet
With legal tender,
To keep you in the public,
And people ask me why I’m private,
Ironic ain’t it,
I belonged there,
Despite what they took from me,
Changing everything
But first, it starts with me,
This man in the mirror,
Knew he was the one, 
Neo came to get me out
The matrix,
It’s only one race
And that’s human,
We did moor,
Then teach them everything,
Yes the Europeans,
And what did they do in return
Stole what we gave,
So to them even till this day,
They going benefit from us
Till we wake up,
And take what we gave.

Written Kingbty EL


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