“Liquid Poetry”

My Friend, If I Never See You, Again,  Prayerfully, I Had The Chance To Show You My Heart.  Hopefully, During Our Journey, Together,  You Saw A Light That Did Not Fear The Dark.  Sincerely, I Wish You Would Remember The Good Times,  And How They Far Outweighed The Bad.  There Were Many Nights When I Went To Sleep So Lonely.  So Many Mornings When I Woke Up Sad.  So Many Tears That I Had To Cry Alone,  Because There Was No One Willing To See.  But I Honestly Hope You Hold On To The Rain.  How Your Touch Always Set Me Free!   How Your Presence Always Gave Me Peace.  Even In Silence Our Hearts Knew The Words.  There Were Many Nights When You Felt Unworthy.  Too Many Mornings When You Felt Unheard.  So Much Time That THEY Took For Granted.  The Strength That They Never Saw In You.  But If I Am Never Meant To See You, Again, My Friend,  Please Know That MY Love Was True!  Please Know That My Heart Beat Was Real.  That My Prayers Sang The Most Passionate Songs.  That My Pen Spoke To God With The Purest Intentions,  When I Wrote, “This Is Where You Belong!”  When I Comfessed, “You Feel Like HOME!”  I Hope You Understand What That Means To Me?!  That In Your Face I’ve Seen The Image Of Love,  Even If Tomorrow Comes And I Cannot See.  Even If Tomorrow Comes And You Do Not See,  The Image Of Love When You Look For My Face.  I Need You To Hold On To The Sound Of My Voice.  The Passionate Psalms Of Our Embrace.  The Prayerful Melody Of Our Mornings, Aftrer.  When My Heart Recognized Its Purpose In You!!  But If I Am Never Meant See You, Again, My Friend,  Remember, We Were Not A Dream, But TRUE!  – LiquidPoetry


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