“Flag Meaning”

Al Salaam,

The Moorish Flag of the Moorish Science Temple of America,  Kingdom of Morocco, Moroccan Empire, United States of America Republic (North Continent), Moorish Holy Temple of Science share the design of a red flag with a green five pointed star.

Red symbolizing my bloodline, and the lowest rays of my waves, including my weakness & strength. My thought and action of war & defense. The battles of confusion and clarity that may lead to misrepresentation if i dont stand on accountability. Red is also the beginning of the tip of my souls flame, what we call in the spirit world a “torch”. My red liquid blood which embody’s my life force as a physical body is connected with such vital fruits like tomato, pepper, apple, watermelon, strawberry, cherry, raspberry etc. These fruits are in harmony to balance my physical self & higher self and to bring about pure fluidity of my sexual manifestation with no taint or restraint on my body’s. Common sense says, without the lowest the highest wont flourish.

The red planet Mars rules the number 9, which is the number of completion. 9 for 90 degrees squared, which is 360 degrees perfect rotarius. Red is 9 in numerology which is the teacher, humanitarian & the active guider. The number 9 although complete can be financially & economically unstable do to the duality of its nature. Translation can be walked on , because we give so much.

Moors emphasize knowledge of Zodiac Astrology 1-12, Sacred Geometry , 0-9 Math & Science. The last 100 years the red identifys the Moors excellently, multiplied by the 5 point green star. The green is 4 in numerology. Green is also the 4th chakra and the beginning of the higher self after your salvation. Salvation being belief, faith , fruition which is the first 3 chakras. Green is Venus, the Moorning star of love, peace, justice, harmony and stability. Sense the love is ultimate, the body can be possessive and unwilling to change because of its stability & diplomacy. The 5 points of the star are Love Truth Peace Freedom Justice, which is in harmony with the 5 Senses Feel, Sight, Taste, Smell, Hear. This is why we have 5 toes & 5 fingers multiplied by 2. 2 because we have 2 selves, the lower self & higher self. The green is the heart which is the love or amor (a Moor) or the Sun (Leo). Moors are seeds of the Sun (soul). Muur means negative/positive or from 1 energy or mothers light or the Gate/Door/Wall.

The polarity of reds war and greens love is the Aries & Libra which is in perfect harmony of Universal and Natures Law (Equinox Degree 4/9).Venus metal is Copper. Moors/Americans are the coppertone bodies by birthright. Moors call North America, Al Moroc of the North or Morocco, The HEART of the Moroccan Empire, The Great Uniter and Hub by the 180 degree Meridian connecting Asia & America by birthright.

 “101 Questions For Moorish Children”

1. Who made you? Allah

2. Who is Allah? Allah is the Father of the Universe (spirit, th Most High)

3. Can we see him? No

4. Where is the nearest place you can meet him? In the Heart

Spirit = Breath

51. What have you say about the holy breath ? – All we can say is it is great, it is good, it was, it is and evermore to be amen.

21. How old is the Moorish Flag ? – 50,000 years old (with math & science i have proved it is in harmony with natural & divine law.

Noble Drew Ali saw everything ahead of time, and saw the battles we would encounter, and the mis-truths placed upon us a fallen Nation of people soon to rise again.

“Our papers are our only hope of shoveling ourselves out from under the avalanche of lies that are annually let loose upon us. A strong free press is the best possible safeguard of the liberties in general promotion and defense of the interests of strong, free people.” – Prophet Noble Drew Ali

R E D calculated is 9. G R E E N calculated is 4. Together is 13. The Magnanimous number of the Moors which symbolizes Life, Death, Rebirth. Which is the Great Trinity, or The New Year as in New You connecting with the Old You. Circle 7 (52) weeks of 12 Months, 13 being the rebirth of the Month or Moon or Mon or Man or Mind or Mound or Mountain. Which is Pyramid. Red/Green/MR is Pyramid in old Moorish/Khemetian Script. Love is MRI in old Moorish/Khemetian script.

Written By Aljamere


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