“Eye Of The Soul”

Pineal Gland within the human brain is an inner transformer which acts as channel of communication. Pineal gland is our personal Cosmic Tree, or mystical Ladder of Lights and the archetypal symbols of tree, ladder, stairway, chain and bridge describe the process of communicating with our higher levels of consciousness such that accessing the Divine experience at personal level is possible when we enter our inner sacred space.  Pineal gland deals with thinking and meditation; it opens and permits Cosmic inspirations and Divine Wisdom to pass through and be reduced to what the brain translates into comprehensible notions and concepts. Pineal gland reduces high frequency electro-magnetic waves to sound waves to which our ears respond so that they can be conveyed to our brain for interpretation. It is bridge across which Divine Consciousness passes from the Cosmic to the mortal mind of man. Pineal gland is Third Eye and gives us vision of the Cosmic, perception of God, and insight into those Divine realms, far removed from the physical; it is true eye of the soul. It is also symbolised as the Eye of RA and of Horus.  Therefore, physically entering the Temple is symbolic equivalent of entering the silence within ourselves so as to ascend to higher levels of consciousness and to commune with higher self and God of our Heart.


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