“Codes Of Consciousness”(1/5)

The attitudes you develop and the actions you take create frequencies that broadcast your essence everywhere. Cover-ups and pretence are forms of delusion, you are who you are. You can fool yourself, but you can’t fool your frequency signature! You are always transmitting who and what you are; this is true for everyone. Your body is loyally mirroring your beliefs to you.

The cells of your body continuously replace themselves, and in general you do not even think about this process, yet the vital new cells dutifully focus their attention on fulfilling your beliefs and commands. Even though the cells are new, they will keep replicating the same old you, if you keep giving them the same old commands. Your cells, molecules, atoms and subatomic particles are all intelligent; they communicate with one another because their collective job is to respond to your input. You choose the codes of consciousness that best express your life aims, based on the degree of awareness that you have developed.


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