“Cigarette Battle”

One of the major battles many of us face is the battle with cigarettes.  It was designed to become popular with Africans, especially menthols (the most dangerous kind of cigarettes because they contain fiber glass that rips at your throat giving the illusion of “mint,” it has no mint in it).    Smoking cigarettes is one of the hardest habits to kick.  I myself battled thru this trap.  First you have to realize why you are addicted.  The primary reason is because you are trying to breathe.  The breath (Shu) is sacred.  African ritual exists involving training you to breathe properly to awaken the spirit and improve bodily functions.  This is a popular practice taught by Africans to Indians.   However, most Africans (and Europeans) today have no concept of how to breathe correctly.  This is why cigarette smoking attracts them; it is not just the habit.   It is you attempting to take deep breathes because you never learned how to breathe properly.  The goal is to breathe properly at all times, but for beginners, you can focus on doing it during meditation.  This involves sitting in nature or at your altar in the sesh pose.  Proper posture is essential for proper breathing.  Next, expand your belly and allow it to fill with Shu (oxygen). Then push in your belly and exhale.  Your breath is then focused thru your lower stomach, not your upper chest. Repeat this in calm motions until you are no longer having thoughts beyond being one with the breath.  You now become Shu.    You will realize how much more awake and energized you feel, all just from mastering breathing techniques.  You will naturally no longer want cigarettes because you are getting the deep oxygen you were after from meditative breathing.


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