“Listen Soulfully”

We often look outside of ourselves for the answers, somehow thinking that someone else knows better. Waiting for someone else to tell you, yes, this is good, this is what you should do. But there’s no one better someone than you. Your wisdom lies within you at all times. It’s lodged deep within the heart and all you need to do is to listen. To truly listen, to see what wants to come through and to let it fill you from within. ⁣

Sometimes our heart gets drowned out by the chatter of the mind and we find it hard to hear what our heart is telling us. We’ve grown up in a world that gives dominance to the mind and rational thinking, but we neglect the infinite wisdom that actually lies within. ⁣

Literally putting your hand on your heart and taking a few deep breaths into your heart space can help you to hear what wants to come through. You might surprise yourself at the wisdom that comes from within. ⁣

So be still my dear one, and listen to your heart. It knows the way. 

Written By D.P.

  • Derek B Greene
    December 14, 2018



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