“Wave of Emotions”

There is no justice in not choosing oneself,
There is freedom however in expressing vulnerability.
Still waters run deep I heard someone say a while back…
my waters hasn’t been still in many years. They have been in a constant state of movement
Some tides have been high, others pretty low. Yet, there is always movement.
There are nights when my waves are smooth gently kissing the shore of my heart..
My favorite kind of nights,
However, when there is a storm brewing inside
my mind, I can feel the current stirring inside my belly, waiting for the waves to come crashing down on me..
I wait and welcome them.. I hug each emotion before it returns back to the sea. Honoring it.
Embracing it. Loving it. I am the Storm. I am the Sea. I am the waves. I am the breeze.

Written By

✨T’Mara Lisa Morris-EL✨


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