“Truly Listen”

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Each and every day, in a multitude of ways, our Soul speaks to us. Our Soul speaks to us through nature, other people, events, sounds, words, symbols, dreams, and feelings. This week is about focusing on connecting to the deepest source of who you are: your Soul. Your Soul possesses every answer, every source of wisdom, and every bit of guidance you will ever need: it is your ultimate teacher, and it IS your True Nature beyond all exterior passing forms. What is your Soul trying to tell you? Does it have a special message for you, something you’ve suspected for a while but don’t quite know how to verbalize?

This week you may like to incorporate certain tools such as journaling, automatic writing, visualization, dream recall and analysis, meditation, or whatever calls to you to communicate with your Soul. Remember that your Soul can be felt and listened to at ANY moment. Sometimes it calls to you through repeated numbers such as 11:11, 12:12, etc., and various synchronicities. Slow down, be quiet, and open your heart. Only then will you be able to truly listen.

🙏🏽✨Happy Moon Dey✨🤲🏽


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