“Tongue Ride” (Exotic Hump Dey Edition)

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“Tongue Ride”

Sit on my face!

Time eye can not waste,

Eye want u so bad

Eye want that pussy on my face,

Tongue in that ass,

Your long dey of troubles

Eye will erase,

Eye want it all over this place,

Don’t run now,

Don’t talk that shit

And don’t back up now,

You moaning while on top,

Hands gripping the sheets

With that pussy in my mouth,

They call this hump Dey,

Well put that hump in my face

You going be begging to stay,

1st round

2nd round

3rd down

4th down

Know eye came to play,

All in my amusement park

Eye hope you enjoy this

Tongue ride todey.

Written By B.T.Y.

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  • Derek B Greene
    October 30, 2019

    TONGUE RIDE YESSSSSSSS,1 round,YES,2 rounds,uhhhhhhhh maybe,3&4, shiiiiiiiiiiiiid, LOL,Good stuff my good brotha....


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