“ The Third of the Egyptian Scrolls”

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If man would know heaven, he must first know earth. Man cannot understand heaven, until he understands earth. He cannot understand God, until he understands himself. And he cannot know love, unless he has been loveless. God is unknown, but not unknowable. He is unseen, but not unseeable. God is unheard, but not unhearable. He is not understood, but he is understandable.

The goal of life is upstream, not downstream. Man must struggle against the current, not drift with the flow. A child is born knowing all that God intended it to know; the rest, it must discover by itself. Man does not live to increase the glory of God this cannot be done but to increase the glory of man. He who worships with empty rituals, wastes his time, and displays the shallowness of his thought.

That which man does to benefit man is good, but if he seeks to gratify God, it is a labor of ignorance, showing disrespect for God whose nature is above that of earthly princes. A lifting hand is worth ten wagging tongues. Be a man of fortitude and courage. Prepare to fight, for earth gives man but two choices: struggle or perish. There is work to be done in the garden of God; therefore, cease useless performances and word-wasting discussions. Go, pick up the hoe, and tackle the task at hand.

This is the secret of life: Man lives in God, and God lives in man. This answers all questions.

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