“The Battle”

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🇲🇦I know you battle your own mind. Always encountering the heaviest and coldest thoughts that arrive. I know life has tested your heart, leaving behind tears and scars. Yet you still preserve on, whiles searching for hope and guidance from within or afar. I know you had to lose your sanity, to crumble and fumble through the dark.

Until you broke and shattered into the light of divinity that you are. Gratitude became your father, self love became your mother and with each experience they helped you go further. Now you have transformed , accumulating wisdom that has never been tasted before. Constantly rising and expanding, a star has been RE-BORN.☪️

🕺🏽Happy Solar Return T’Mara🥳

  • Mara Ahmad
    March 6, 2023

    I love you so much!


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