“Thank You”

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“Thank you” – two simple words with the power to change our entire outlook on life. “Thank you” is the opportunity to show gratitude to your higher self as well as the universe for allowing negative thoughts, actions and emotions to be cleared. Thank you is also an opportunity to give gratitude for all of your blissings.

“What You’ve Gained”

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When you leave this world, there's one thing you are leaving with & that’s your data which is your experiences & your knowledge.⁠ You don't take anything else with you... not your car, house, money, nor the people you love.⁠ You're really leaving here with what you've experienced and what you've gained.⁠ As a consciousness, ...

“Primordial Mother”

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Our Primordial Mother is a personification of nature, feminine energy, motherhood, fertility, creation and destruction. Our heavenly mother's womb embodies the bounty of the Earth and the natural balance of the world. She is one of the main teachers of traditional wisdom. The Primordial Mother is the Orgin of All things and everything tends to ...

“Lemon Pepper” (BTY MIX)

Been in a groove But been out of tune That’s balance, My wife told me I’m tit for tat I guess I’m childish, The future is near when Our lifestyle is really lavish, Manifesting going shopping  Out in Dubai & Paris, The finer things in this illusion while I’m here I gotta have it, I’m rich!, Without The Prophet Noble Drew Ali I probably wouldn’t even known that ...


Breathe and let things be… we simply cannot control everything and we can tear ourselves apart physically and mentally worrying about things that are completely out of our control..So breathe and just let it be for todey…what will be will be. Don’t spoil your todey’s worrying about yesterdey or tomorrow.