“Learn 2See Without Sight”

Seek your Spiritual intuition for guidance, our secrets are hidden within the mystery. Agreements has been made before we were born and karmic issues which we brought into this world must be worked out by the end, if not the lessons will be repeated.

Focusing on our inner knowing will reveals the behaviors we either inherited or unknowingly chosen to copy from our family or origin. This reflects on the terms of our own awareness and reveals our willingness to do our own soul searching.

Are we living our past into the future? Faith is the unspoken element. All intentions are fulfilled with the help of our Mystical Spirit. The mind’s eye has the sense of seeing the unseen. Shine your inner light within your darkness. 

✨💜Happy Solar Return Ma Love You💜✨

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  • Yvonne Adams
    October 7, 2020

    Thank you Son!! So Blessed to see another Born Dey! And grateful for the deys prior to this dey! Love you♥️


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