“Just Can’t”

We just can’t keep avoiding change and desperately clinging on to our old self, it’s frightening to lose our identity all of which we known. We must understand that to die to the old will escalate us to where we truly desire to be. Time to let go surrender and accept that change/death is never final. It’s simply a portal to rebirthing into the next and glorious stage of the cycle called life. This is a time of connection and reflections and to look at where you have journeyed from and to, during the Wheel of the year. The spirit has invited you into it’s wisdom deep within you as she cradles, protects and guides you through the dark night of our souls. This is a time to write out all regrets, shames, and resentments on paper and burn it. Embrace the dying of the old self and transform into the next incarnation of the new self in this life we chose to live.


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