Empresses go through life putting their self  last, that’s why you become depressed, addicted and unable to bring your dreams into reality,  you put anyone else’s needs before your own, even if that person isn’t worthy of or abuses your affection and attention, but it’s strange because you’re still living in vain, you never fully let yourself be taken completely away, you still keep your style, somewhat,  and your sense of humor…

You’re not a slave, but you are lost and you can’t find your way back because you have to be alone, it’s the only cure to be alone again not in the sense that you have to be lonely, you just have to have some time where you are solo and you can come back home to yourself, to hear and feel what’s yours, declutter from everything that doesn’t belong to you.

Let it  go somewhere else, once you’re done there you close your eyes and you ground out humble yourself, you change the way you’ve been using food it becomes edible intelligent information you change the way you treat your body move and stretch to awaken every muscle,  you look closely at who you spend your time with what you do on a daily basis your routine,  your way,  your schedule, your thinking…

Everything falls apart but then slowly comes back together, it’s a deep clean for the soul you take it all out of it’s place,  pull it apart, clean it, dust it off,  get rid of a few things,  then reassemble you to feel lighter and you’ll do this constantly throughout your lifetime…

Why because that’s the way you shed your skins, so that eventually you come to your truest possible self, the closest you can get to meeting yourself on an authentic level.


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