“Baba Phillip Valentine El”

First…let’s be clear Fam. IT’S ALL STAGED…!!!!!!!! This is a military and media orchestrated “Tactical Crisis-Acting” Circus…! We are watching a full-blown demonstration by the ‘Hollywood-ized’ news media and the NWO of “The Hegelian Dialectic”!!

LISTEN: The government knows full well that “Black” and “Brown” peoples in America are ill-equip and powerless to stop a unilateral take-over by the NWO’s militarized police-state. They also know that the REAL threat to their eventual take-over is in fact the white supremacists (and white America in general) who are fully armed to the teeth. Thus, to further advance their agenda of weapons confiscation, they must visually and blatantly stage the outright murders of “Blacks” and “Browns” by white cops (or cops in general) in the media, in order to further stratify “the whites with the guns” from the rest of society. If this isn’t the case, why then did Obama just sign the “Blue Alert Bill” to “protect cops” into Law??

Clueless white supremacists on the other hand will see the government as complicit in siding with “Blacks” and other minorities against them, while clueless Blacks will look at fully armed white supremacists (and whites in general) as a threat to their safety, further assuring that Hillary Clinton (a RABID anti-gun fanatic on the side of Israel and the NWO) is swept into the Oval office.

This is why they continue to show whites with automatic weapons freely walking the streets and being “favored” by police, while blacks with automatic weapons (or ANY legal-carry weapon) are accosted and killed by police for being LEGALLY “armed”. Example: Listen to the interview given by the “brother” of the “suspect” who organized the protest in Dallas. The very FIRST thing he said was “…when the shooting began, my brother TURNED OVER HIS AUTOMATIC WEAPON TO THE POLICE…!!!” Check the subtext and the symbolism in those words “Black people”!

The point here is … YOU Black man and Black woman, are NOT supposed to be thinking like the white supremacist and “arming yourselves to the teeth”, because those orchestrating this “circus by shadow-government” know that SOONER than LATER … ALL Americans (Black, Brown AND white) are going to find out that we are ALL being royally REAMED (socially, politically and economically) by ‘Banksters’ in “high places” who don’t give a royal RAT’S ASS about ANY of these “colors”….ONLY “GREEN”!!

Once this happens, and (what these parasites fear the most) “Blacks, Browns, and whites” stop pointing their guns at one another, and begin pointing them at the “Puppet-Masters” orchestrating this “Armageddon Circus”, their ultimate plans for complete takeover are…in a word…”f**ked”!! Or at least, delayed yet again.

YES…no doubt “racism” is the paramount issue here in the US, but it is now being ‘ramped up’ and “over-exposed” purposely, using scenarios of Blacks as “media canon-fodder” and “helpless victims” for police and white supremacists as the “spark” by the Puppet-Masters to get unknowing Blacks on the side of the covert plans of the NWO!! They already got the “Gays” and “Transgenders” with their fake night-club attack. Now it’s to further isolate those with the REAL “threat weaponry” (white supremacists) and deliver the final death-blow to America.

Then, dumb-ass white racists will come to the realization that in the eyes of their elitist, cave-maggot cousins…we are ALL “niggas”.

Check this movie coming out with your “Harry Potter” hero. It came to me courtesy of brother Dorian Doe Moore.

Old saying: “…Is the enemy of my enemy my “friend”?; …Or; is the enemy of my enemy, my ENEMY…?!”

Love, Light, and Transcendence, Dr. V


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